Our Services

Locks Re-Keyed, Repaired, Keyed Alike

When it’s time to have your locks rekeyed or replaced Save money, have your locks rekeyed instead of replaced. Some locks need a little help to start working properly again. If they can be repaired, we can do that too. Do you have multiple locks keyed to different keys? If you have compatible locksets, we can rekey them all alike.

Knobsets & Deadbolts Sold and Installed

Replace old/broken locks to match your existing ones. Need to replace your worn out knobsets or deadbolts, give us a call. We can also install new deadbolts for you and, if compatible brands, we can key them to your existing locks. Wooden doors or metal doors, we can do it with fast, friendly, professional service.

Safe Combination Changes

Do you know who has the combination to your safe? Is it time to have it changed? Commercial or residential - Do you have a safe you need the combination changed to? Whether old or new, we can recombo both dial and electronic safes (if the existing combination is known, or if the safe door is open).

Emergency Lockouts

If you find yourself locked out of your home, business, or cabin, we will get you back in. Give us a call. Auto / Home / Business - Locked out, and in a hurry? Gone to voicemail? Leave a message. We can usually respond within 15 minutes, and be there shortly after. If you’re locked out, we can get you back in.


We do both evictions and foreclosures, and provide discreet locksmith services. Unfortunately, it is sometimes necessary for owners of rental properties to have tenants evicted, and to have the locks rekeyed, repaired, or replaced. We work with owners and real estate companies to perform this task professionally and discreetly, and are able to do so with little advance notice.


Padlocks can be bought individually, keyed alike, or some can even be rekeyed. Did you know that some padlocks can be bought keyed alike? Or that they can be rekeyed instead of buying new ones? We even have padlocks that can be keyed the same as your house keys, or to the padlocks you've had for years. We can also order padlocks keyed to those Master padlocks you've had for years.

Master Systems

Businesses and residential applications - key your locks to a Master System Interested in having your locks on a "Master Key System”? Our computer-generated systems eliminate any "cross-overs". Increase your security. For your business, give your staff only the keys they need. For your home, have all your locks keyed to a Master Key, and various 'change' keys that fit only certain locks.

Mailbox Lock Replacement

No working key for your mailbox lock? If you are having mailbox lock issues, give us a call. Lost your only copy of your mailbox key, and locked out? Just moving into a new home, and no mailbox key was given to you? Not sure if someone else may have a copy of your mailbox key? Is your mailbox lock broken, or a key broken off inside? Give us a call, and we can get you back into your mailbox, safely and securely

Key Extraction

Extract broken keys from cars, homes, file cabinets, mailboxes, camper shells... Have a broken key in a lock? Let us extract it without doing any damage to the lock. Trying to get that broken key out of your lock yourself may sound easy, but without the proper tools and expertise, you can make a bad situation even worse. NOTE: If done wrong, or with incorrect ‘tools’, a broken key piece can be pushed back into the lock to a point of “no return” (the broken piece is too far back in the lock to be successfully extracted, without completely taking the lock apart, which is sometimes not possible)