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The simple answer is NO.  All locksmiths, pretty much everywhere, have varying fees for Service Call amounts, rekeying lock cylinders, making keys, installing deadbolts, replacing existing locks with new locks.......  The best thing to do if you are planning on having locksmith work done, is to take a few minutes to call around, and get prices.  And, keep in mind, that if you call and it goes to a message machine, I am out helping someone else, but will return your call as soon as I can.  I also firmly believe that a busy locksmith is the one who has the most reasonable rates, and the one to use. 
In the Locksmith world, “changing” a lock means to physically replace the lock. “Rekeying” a lock is to change the pin tumblers (inside) of the lock, so that the current keys don’t work any longer.  Assuming the locks are in decent condition, and function properly, rekeying locks is much more affordable.  
I can rekey your locks to one key providing all of your locks are of a compatible brand, and the key blank fits (goes into) the cylinder.  Kwikset and Schlage are the 2 most popular brands available, but are NOT compatible with each other.  Many ‘off’ brands use the Kwikset key blank, and ARE compatible with Kwikset.   With the exception of Emtek and Baldwin, that use the Schlage C key blank profile, few other brands of locks are compatible with Schlage. If you have a mix of Kwikset and Schlage, and you REALLY want to have ‘one key that fits all”, you could choose to go with the brand you have the most of, and replace the others to it. But remember, replacing locks is generally more expensive than rekeying locks.
If you do NOT know the working combination to your safe, and you are locked out, you will need to call a certified safe technician, and will most likely have to have it drilled.  However, if you know the combination, but are unable to open your safe, or if the safe door/lid is opened but in the locked position, I should be able to help you. 
Unfortunately, I rarely work on vehicles any longer. I DO NOT make replacement keys for those vehicles that utilize transponder technology.  I DO make keys for SOME older cars, trucks, and motorcycles.  If you are mechanically adept, I DO give substantial discounts if you are able to remove the lock (typically the passenger door lock) from the vehicle, and bring it to me.
A Master System is a key/lock set-up where a “Master” (or “Grand Master) key fits all of your locks, and lower levels of keys that fit only certain locks (ie. A business may have 10 offices.  The Master Key would fit all offices, but each individual office would have its own key). I also do Master Systems for homes.  Particularly in our area, because of the number of vacation homes, I could key all of your locks to a Master Key, and only a limited number of the locks would be the “Renter” key.  That way, if a “Renter” key is lost, or you don’t feel comfortable with knowing a past user of that key hasn’t made copies, only those locks on the “system” would need to be rekeyed, avoiding a more expensive rekey of all of your locks. I also frequently key “weekend homes” on a mini-master system, where the “weekend home” is keyed to your primary residence, but also has a key that fits just those locks (the one requirement is that the “weekend home” locks are compatible with your primary residence locks).
Virtually all of the combination locks available on the market are “normal” deadbolts, knobsets, or levers with the option to use a numbered combination pad instead of a key.  Most of those locks come with a key as well.  They are no more secure than a typical keyed lock.  The only “more secure” aspect are the few combination locks that don’t have a key option, are that those locks cannot be picked open (as there is no key).
 If you were to call in the morning hours, I would usually be able to help you that same day.  Almost always, if not that day, I could do it the next day.  If you know in advance of when you would like the work done, you could call and be put on my calendar, ensuring a day and time that is convenient for you.
My normal business hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm, Saturday, 9:00am-1:00pm.  Appointments are available on Sunday’s as well.  I DO NOT charge more for weekend work.  
I am a firm believer that you  should DEFINITELY have your locks rekeyed if you have just bought a new place.  Up here, “in the mountains”, where there are many “weekend” properties, over the years keys tend to multiply.  You can’t be sure if neighbors have your keys, friends of the prior owners, or if all of the keys were turned over.  Considering the alternative, rekeying is WAY safer, and potentially cheaper. Be certain who has keys to YOUR place.
Yes, as I generally carry the most popular key blanks on my truck.  Not only can I duplicate keys for you, if you have a ‘worn’ house key I can cut it by code. Often, a worn key (or a badly cut duplicate) can cause a ‘good’ lock not to function properly.